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Issue 06: Art of Music

Our sixth issue is hosted by the Red Bull Studios Copenhagen, and follows the same concept as our fourth issue. What happens when you put eight artists in the same room as eight musicians and let all the creativity flow? The result is a unique mix of art and music. Take a listen to all the music right here;

Featured artists:
- Alina Vergnano & M.E.T.A.
- Rune Fisker & Datamatros
- Simon Rachwan & Unkwon
- Marc Pilgaard & Pete Oak
- Scott Cooper & Metteline
- SCRMN & Andreas Langhorn
- Josephine Khyn & GIRLFRIENDS
- Cheeky & Fresh-I


Issue 05: Team Effort

Our fifth and latest issue is hosted by the good people of, one of the leading digital production agencies from Amsterdam. The theme we picked was ‘Team effort’. Each artist was asked to make a portrayal of one of the employees from the agency, only having the name of the employee and a short list of their characteristics and interests. Resulting in a abstract portrayal of team effort.

Featured artists:
- Dace Sietina
- Luke Ramsey
- Irkus M. Zeberio
- Levi Jacobs
- Cachete Jack
- Sergio Membrillas
- Bill Conners
- Kate Prior


Issue 04: Connecting Music

Our fourth issue was created together with the Red Bull Studio Amsterdam. For this issue we invited eight artists to collaborate with eight musicians and/or producers. Each couple was given one day of studio time in the Red Bull Studio Amsterdam. In these days the artists created a new artwork, while the musicians/producers created a new track, inspired by each others work. This issue was distributed in The Netherlands. You can stream the music right here;

Featured artists:
- Graphic Surgery & R-A-G
- The Things We Are & I Am Oak
- Collin van der Sluijs & Mike Mago
- Max Grunfeld & Cardboard Motel
- Sasa Ostoja & Jameszoo ft Faberyayo
- Freshco & Sotu the Traveller ft Mudde
- Olivier Vrancken & Kajan Chow
- Dennis de Groot & INT


Issue 03: What’s in Yours?

Together with the brand KangaROOS we created the third issue, in which we revisted a lot of childhood sneaker memories. Each artist was invited to create their artworks on canvas, which then created a traveling exhibition at the Sneakerness fairs in Amsterdam, Vienna and Cologne. Distributed in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

Featured artists:
- Basco Five
- Matthew Bromley
- Boicut
- Tika
- Billy and Alex
- Gijs Kast
- Niark1
- Ryan Grees


Issue 02: People Connecting Places

The second issue was hosted by HUB Footwear, a footwear brand with it’s roots in The Hague (Netherlands). The chosen theme was ‘People connecting places’ for which we invited eight artist to illustrate their creative connection to their city. Distributed in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Belgium.

Featured artists:
- Jordy van den Nieuwendijk
- Killian Eng
- Olivier Bieraugel
- Olivier Hofmann
- Gwenola Carrere
- Yeh Teh
- Cecilie Ellefsen
- Miss Lotion


Issue 01: A Fresh Start

Our first issue was a collaboration with the young contemporary art agency called YOUR:OWN. Together we embarked on this new journey and therefor we picked the fitting theme ‘A Fresh Start’. This first issue was distributed only in the Netherlands.

Featured artists:
- Mike Perry
- Simon Vaeth
- Hedof
- Yeji Yun
- Pinkyvision
- Pieter Frank De Jong
- Iconblast
- Justyna Szczepankiewicz

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