Issue 06: Out now

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September 2, 2013.

Art and music are inextricably linked to each other, supporting and complimenting wherever possible. But what happens when the artists and the musicians sit together and collaborate side by side on their art and music? The art of music comes to life. With wings from the Red Bull Studio Copenhagen, we provided artists and musicians with the inspiration and tools to create.

The Red Bull Studio Copenhagen is a unique and state-of- the-art recording studio, located in the heart of Copenhagen. Open to every musician, from local talents to the biggest international stars, with the best facilities available to create and record music. For the sixth issue of EIGHT magazine, each artist was invited to bring a musician or producer to collaborate with. Creating art and music at the same time, inspired by one and another.

Some of the artists and musicians presented in this issue have worked together before, while others have created a spontaneous collaboration. Every artist and musician has worked at the Red Bull Studio Copenhagen for one day, where they’ve had the chance to combine creative forces and let their creativity flow freely.

All of the music created for this issue can be streamed right here;

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