In this dying age of print magazines, it is important to look at the added value of print. What makes a print publication more valuable then a online publication? Content is no longer the answer to this question. In depth background articles, extensive photo reports and full video documentaries are now all widely available online. The added value of print magazine’s need to be re-evaluated and repositioned to survive the digital media consuming generation.

EIGHT magazine provides a new value proposition for magazine’s by creating a new functionality to the print publication. EIGHT magazine is no longer a magazine that you pick up, read through and either store away or donate to the trashcan. We provide a new beginning for consumers but also publishers by pushing the envelop of how we use our print media. And thereby making sure that print publications will always have a future.

EIGHT magazine is a young contemporary art magazine dedicated to bringing the best and most exciting artists to a new audience. Each issue holds a specific theme, for which eight artists are invited to make an exclusive artwork. These artworks are printed full page on a 30 by 40 cm format. Hereby giving the artwork the full attention it deserves. Each page of the magazine can be used as a poster or can be framed to fit your house.

The magazine is free, and is available in a unique distribution network consisting of gallery’s, shops, boutiques, cafe’s, pop up stores, and so on. The main distribution is always in the Netherlands and Denmark, but often you will be able to find our magazine outside of these borders, as each magazine has it’s own distribution.

The EIGHT magazine is best experienced in print, grab your copy at one of our distribution points.

EIGHT a young contemporary art magazine.

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